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We're making things easier

We know how important a smoother, simpler home loan process is. Not only does it help your customers achieve their goals sooner – it frees up your time too. So you can focus on delivering a better customer experience.

We've made some changes to help you do that. You'll find updates and improvements to the way you process some of those essential upfront documents, along with all the support you need at every step of the home loan journey.

It's the beginning of a more streamlined home loan experience. And it starts here.

How we're streamlining

Digital enhancements

An easier way to digitally collect customer ID and signatures any time, anywhere

Reducing delays

Submit all your upfront documents at once

More support

Access to tools and resources in one place


Using smart technology to improve upfront documents submission

We've introduced a number of improvements that help speed up the process and make it easier for you to collect customer information and submit documentation – helping ensure quality applications and enabling an efficient assessment process.

Part of these includes three key digital enhancements – ZipID by Equifax, IDyou by MSA for collecting customer identification, and digital upfront document signing through DocuSign, which eliminates the need for you and your customers to physically print, sign, scan, and upload mandatory upfront documents.

You can download these apps today or find out more below.

of documents

You can now self-verify and submit supporting documents with your customers' applications, so you know you're submitting all the right paperwork to help us make efficient and faster credit decisions.

How to use it

  1. Upload the supporting documents using the bulk upload facility in ApplyOnline.
  2. File them against each condition.
  3. Send Checklist to NAB.

The documents you need to submit are:

  • Broker Declaration & Supporting Docs Checklist Form.
  • Personal Consent Form.
  • Customer Identity Checks (ZipID or IDyou).
  • Valuation(s).
  • Income Verification.
  • Serviceability Calculator & Worksheets.
Easy and simple
customer ID collection

With two new Verification of Identity (VOI) apps – IDyou by MSA National and ZipID by Equifax – you can simply and conveniently collect your customers' ID using your smartphone.

How to use them

  1. Download either IDyou or ZipID from the App Store or Google Play.
  2. Register for a free account with IDyou or ZipID.
  3. Open the app and take pictures of your customer's ID on your mobile device.
  4. Follow the steps in the app to verify their ID.
  5. Download a digital VOI PDF report and submit this to NAB with your customer's application.

Download them now

See them in action

IDyou – How to use the IDyou Mobile App

ZipID – How to use the ZipID Mobile App

Please note:

  • While these apps meet the requirements for capturing ID information, brokers/loan writers must still verify their customer's identity is correct (face to face) to meet NAB's current policy.
  • NAB doesn't accept the Toll Agent (ZipID) or Remote (IDyou) options.
Digital document signing

You can now produce and have your customers sign their upfront documents digitally making the process more efficient and eliminating the need to physically send documents, improving the overall customer experience. Remember, you must still verify your customers’ identity is correct (face to face) to meet NAB’s current policy.

DocuSign is available for all upfront documents including:

  • Broker Declaration Form
  • Customer Identity Check
  • Personal/Company/Guarantor Consent
  • Rate lock (if selected).

How it works

  1. Complete application via ApplyOnline
  2. Visit the Supporting Docs tab in ApplyOnline and select Start eSign Request to initiate the digital document signing process through DocuSign.
  3. An email from DocuSign will be sent to you and the nominated loan parties to complete the digital document signing process.
  4. Both you and the customers will follow the link in the received emails to review and sign the documents.
  5. Once all parties complete the digital signing process, the documents will be automatically uploaded to the customers' application in ApplyOnline ready for application submission.
NAB Instant Pricing Tool

The NAB Instant Pricing Tool is a one-stop-shop that makes it easier for you to get a competitive home loan rate for your customers. By offering an ‘on-the-spot' price, we've automated what was previously a manual, and sometimes time-consuming, process.

How to use it

You can access the NAB Instant Pricing Tool via in the Quicklinks list. You'll also find helpful support materials to get you started.

Receive a customer's home loan documents sooner by email

You can now request to receive home loan documents for your customers via an encrypted email, rather than sending them in the mail – making it faster, more efficient and avoiding postal delays.

How to use it

  1. Write ‘Email' as the option to receive documents on the Personal/Company Consent Form.
  2. An individual password will be sent to you via SMS or phone call when encrypted documents have been emailed and are ready to be opened. The password provided will open encrypted documents.
  3. Print all pages of the loan documents (double-sided) and present them to the customer for signing.
  4. Mail the signed documents back to the FREE return mail address provided in your original email.
Online valuations

We've made it easy to request a valuation via – saving you time and keeping you informed throughout the process.

How to use it

  1. Complete the valuation form via
  2. Attach supporting docs as shown in the online checklist and submit the request.
  3. Track the valuation status online (updates will automatically be sent to your inbox).
Tips for faster loan approvals
  1. Run the scenario past your dedicated BDM.
  2. Pre-order your valuation and track progress.
  3. Provide all required documentation and supporting information via indexing.
  4. Include commentary in the summary tab.
  5. Check for progress updates.
  6. Copy all email correspondence to your customer application.

A dedicated point of contact from start to finish

We know you'd rather deal with one person throughout the home loan process. That's why we put you in touch with one Credit Assessor who you can contact directly, right up until unconditional approval.

Credit assessment

Once the minimum requirements are met, a Credit Assessor will start assessing your customer's application. If needed, we'll put you in touch with a higher-level credit authority holder.

The Credit Assessor will contact you after the initial credit assessment to give you an update on the progress of the application, and provide you with their details so you can contact them if you need to.

Credit decision

The Credit Assessor will make a decision based on the quality of your application (e.g. conditional approval, more information required etc.).

File assurance

Once a file is approved, it's then assessed by the File Assurance team to ensure everything is in order.

Unconditional approval

Once conditional approval is achieved, and any outstanding information is provided to the Credit Assessor, loan will be unconditionally approved. The Credit Assessor will then call you to advise of the unconditional approval.

A seamless and structured settlement process

We understand that settlement is the most important part of the process to you and your customers. That's why we've taken steps to help ensure settlements go through on time, without complications.

Loan fulfilment with SAI Global

Not long ago, we responded to feedback from our BDMs and Brokers, and partnered with a new settlement provider, SAI Global. They are helping us to ensure settlements proceed as planned by providing:

  • Dedicated NAB Support.
  • A more responsive service with fewer errors.
  • A national footprint with local coverage in major capital cities.
  • Notes from Settlement Manager within ApplyOnline for Status updates (replaces DocuPrep).
  • An online portal where solicitors can book settlement (Settlement Room).

How it works

  1. Customer loan documents are sent to SAIG.
  2. SAIG verifies the loan documents and ensures all required documents are present (e.g. Transfer of Land, Mortgage, etc.).
  3. SAIG manages the settlement thereafter.

Supporting you and your customers for the life of the loan

We have all the tools and resources you need to keep your customers smiling long after settlement. Our aim is to complement your advice, and support you as you support your customers.

Onboarding team

Our Onboarding team within our dedicated call centre calls new broker-introduced customers to make sure all of their bank accounts are established, and to answer any questions they may have.

Sales and servicing team

Our sales and servicing team is available to help your customers with banking enquiries, complaints resolution, non-lending sales opportunities and non-credit critical valuations.

Servicing your customers

Our team comprises of highly skilled bankers focused on supporting your customers. These bankers have the ability to:

  • Address the customer's concerns.
  • Complete a credit critical loan variation.
  • Use discretion to negotiate and/or match rates.
  • Use discretion on rates and fees for additional products such as credit cards, personal loans etc.
Broker Customer team

The Broker Customer team gives your customers access to tailored and expert advice through a NAB branch.

Over the last 12 months, NAB has placed more than 20 bankers that are dedicated to managing broker-introduced customers in NAB branches across the country. These branches are located in and around Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Find their contact information here.

  1. Customer returns their documents

    When: As soon as they have read their contract documents, terms & conditions.

  2. Settlement date is booked

    When: Solicitor books in at least 48 hours before the property settlement date.

  3. Transaction account is opened

    When: Within 10 days after the signed documents are received.

  4. Credit card is issued

    When: Within 10 days after the signed documents are received (if applicable).

  5. NAB internet / telephone banking

    When: After the card is received.

  6. The loan is settled

    When: On the agreed settlement day.

  7. Welcome call

    When: Five days after settlement.

  8. First loan repayment

    When: One month after settlement.

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